What is ECL?

ECL is an implementation of the Common Lisp language as defined by the ANSI X3J13 specification. The most relevant features:

  • A bytecodes compiler and interpreter.
  • Compiles Lisp also with any C/C++ compiler.
  • It can build standalone executables and libraries.
  • ASDF, Sockets, Gray streams, MOP, and other useful components.
  • Extremely portable.
  • A reasonable license.

ECL supports the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Windows, running on top of the Intel, Sparc, Alpha and PowerPC processors. Porting to other architectures should be rather easy.

Latest news

ECL 12.7.1 released   2012-07-24 10:08 - Embeddable Common-Lisp
Sorry for the multiple posting -- I had some problems with SourceForge news submission today.

Known issues
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ECL 12.7.1 released   2012-07-24 10:05 - Embeddable Common-Lisp

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A pleasant surprise + a bonus   2012-07-08 12:52 - Embeddable Common-Lisp
It seems that Windows now implements a kind of input history for any application that uses the console. This is nice, because it allows ECL users that directly work on a terminal window to recall previous commands, using just the arrow keys -- a limited form of what "readline" does for you --.
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