Chapter 18. Files

18.1. Dictionary
18.2. C Reference
Files C dictionary — Common Lisp and C equivalence

18.1. Dictionary


This function does not have any additional arguments other than the ones described in ANSI. To list files and directories, it follows the rules for matching pathnames described in Section 17.2. In short, you have the following practical examples:

Table 18.1. Examples of using DIRECTORY

"/home/jlr/*.*"List all files in directory /home/jlr/ Note that it lists only files, not directories!
"/home/jlr/*"Same as before, but only files without type.
"/home/jlr/*/"List all directories contained in /home/jlr/. Nested directories are not navigated.
"/home/jlr/**/*.*"List all files in all directories contained in /home/jlr/, recursively. Nested directories are navigated.